The Second Meeting of International Office Directors and Representative of Iranian Universities for Second International Fair of Study in Iran (IFSI) Arrangement

 | Post date: 2024/06/5 | 
In preparation for the upcoming Second International Fair of Study in Iran (IFSI), Kharazmi University hosted the second coordination meeting for international managers and deputies from universities nationwide. This significant event took place on Sunday, June 2, in the university's Abu Rayhan Hall. Prominent attendees included Dr. Hassan Bigi, President of Kharazmi University; Dr. Dadashpour, Deputy Minister of Science and Head of the Student Affairs Organization; Dr. Salmanpour, International Advisor to the Student Affairs Organization and Executive Secretary of the Exhibition; Dr. Razaghi, Acting Director of the Office for Non-Iranian Student Affairs; Dr. Souzanachi, Acting Director of the Office for International Student Affairs; Dr. Azimi Vaghar, Director of the International Relations Office of Kharazmi; and Dr. Mohammadi Sani, alongside a wide array of managers and international representatives from the Ministry of Science and Health’s universities.

The meeting commenced with Dr. Azimi Vaghar extending a warm welcome to the participants, paying tribute to the martyrs of service, and introducing Kharazmi University. He expressed hope that the collective effort and solidarity would attract a global student body to Iran.

In the follow Dr. Hassan Beigi, the university president, offered condolences on the anniversary of the demise of the Islamic Republic’s founder and stressed the global importance of the event for enhancing Iran's academic and educational stature. He outlined the university's commitment to expanding international ties and enhancing its academic offerings, noting ongoing initiatives to increase international student enrollment to over 2,000 and develop advanced research facilities with international collaboration. Dr. Hassan Beigi affirmed the university’s readiness to significantly contribute to the upcoming international exhibition of educational attractions in Iran and to aid in advancing global higher education standards.

Following Dr. Hassan Beigi, Dr. Salmanpour discussed the strategic goals of the exhibition, emphasizing its role in raising educational appeal and showcasing leading Iranian universities on the international stage. He reiterated the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology's commitment to the internationalization of universities and the national goal of establishing Iran as a scientific authority. Additionally, he highlighted the crucial role of institutions that facilitate the recruitment of foreign students in promoting Iran’s educational capacities globally. He expressed optimism about the successful collaboration of universities in the upcoming exhibition, which he believes will positively influence the recruitment of international students and enhance Iran’s scientific and cultural exchange initiatives.

Dr. Dadashpour emphasized the importance of international festivals in attracting global students and expediting the internationalization of universities. He linked the presence of international students directly to the university’s global reputation and alignment with the Ministry of Science’s objectives under the Seventh Development Plan. This ambitious plan targets an enrollment of 320,000 international students by its conclusion, urging universities to allocate at least ten percent of their total enrollments to international students. He concluded by expressing hope that the forthcoming Educational Attractions Exhibition in Iran, set for October 2024, will prepare the ground for significant academic achievements and underscore the nation's educational prowess on the world stage.

The meeting concluded with a vibrant question and answer session, where university officials addressed various inquiries related to the exhibition's objectives and collaborative strategies. The event closed with communal prayers and lunch, symbolizing a unified commitment to achieving educational excellence and international cooperation.



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