Kharazmi University Conducts Prestigious Workshop on International Diplomatic Protocols

 | Post date: 2024/04/30 | 
On Saturday, April 28th, Kharazmi University's Center for International Relations hosted an exceptional workshop titled "Protocols, Ceremonies, and Rhetoric in International Relations," in collaboration with the Organization of Student Affairs.
The event, held at the 17 Shahrivar Hall, welcomed over 150 enthusiastic students from across the nation, eager to delve into the intricacies of formal and international protocols. The workshop commenced with opening remarks by Dr. Ali Azimi Vaqar, the respected Director of the International Relations Center.
Dr. Azimi emphasized the workshop's importance and the university's commitment to hosting an event of such caliber. The main speaker, Mr. Hossein Nikofar, a former protocol and escort training head at the Armed Forces General Staff, then took the stage. Mr. Nikofar provided an in-depth exploration of diplomatic protocol, covering essential topics such as the basics of protocol, international protocol laws, flag and decorum placement, objectives of diplomatic receptions, and proper practices for greetings and farewells. His lecture also detailed the appropriate attire for diplomatic occasions, principles of hospitality at state banquets, responsibilities of protocol officers, and the protocol for installing official photographs and managing such events. In addition, he discussed the finer points of escorting dignitaries, speechmaking at events, and etiquette for diplomatic meetings. Mr. Nikofar's expertise gave participants a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in managing international relations. The session concluded with discussions led by representatives from the Organization of Student Affairs, including Dr. Mohammadi Sani. They talked about further workshops, the selection process for participants, and certification, responding to a variety of participant inquiries. Kharazmi University is proud to continue its tradition of excellence as a host for the upcoming Educational Attractions of Iran Exhibition and other such impactful gatherings. Through these initiatives, the university reaffirms its role as a leading institution in fostering education and training in the field of international diplomatic relations.



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