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Kharazmi University Delegation Visits Iraqi Universities

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Kharazmi University Delegation Visits Iraqi Universities

A delegation from Kharazmi University, headed by Dr. Sobhanallahi, Chancellor of the university, and accompanied by: Dr. karimi General Director for Bureau of international Scientific Cooperation, Dr. Hamed Sedghi, Professor in Arabic department, Dr. Abdollah Hosseini, faculty member in Arabic department and in charge of recruiting foreign students, visited five Iraqi universities with the aim of promoting scientific, research, and international cooperation. The visit lasted four days and the visited Iraqi universities were Baghdad, Nahrain, Kufa, Ahlulbait, and Mustansiriya.

In addition to the constructive meetings between university presidents and delegation members, a fruitful meeting was held between Kharazmi University president and Mr. Danaie, Iran's ambassador in Iraq, and Mr. Abazari, Iran's cultural attaché cleric.

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