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Kharazmi University's Landmark On-line Meeting with Iraq’s Al-Mustaqbal University Yields Substantial Collaborative Commitments

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On 6 May 2024, a pivotal online summit facilitated by Kharazmi University's International Relations Office (IRO) took place, led from its headquarters in Tehran. The meeting was graced by esteemed figures such as Dr. Memar, Head of International Student Admission and Services; Dr. Ghasemi, Director of International Cooperation and Partnerships; Dr. Mohajeri, Director of the Center for International Studies; Dr. Haji Sharifi, Deputy Head of Education at the College of Physics; Dr. Heidari of the Plasma Institute; and Dr. Haji Mohammadi, Head of the Inorganic and Nano Chemistry Department. Representing Iraq's Al-Mustaqbal University were Dr. Ali Abbas Zawain, Dr. Maytham Muqdadi, Dr. Riaz Salman, Dr. Samir Badrawi, and Dr. Furat, the respected Dean of the College of Sciences.

Dr. Ghasemi opened the proceedings with a warm welcome, highlighting the importance of such engagements for bolstering mutually beneficial international relations. The discussions, marked by fervor and collaborative spirit, led to the Iraqi delegation praising Iran's notable progress in scientific and industrial domains, advocating for intensified joint ventures in shared fields of interest.

The session concluded with several significant agreements designed to foster deeper cooperation between the two institutions:

1. Kharazmi University will extend access to its advanced physics and chemistry laboratories to Al-Mustaqbal's researchers. Concurrently, joint research initiatives are expected to yield publications meeting the high standards of Q1, Q2, and SCOPUS indexed journals, with Al-Mustaqbal University financing the publication fees.

2. On Al-Mustaqbal's request, Kharazmi University will host a series of summer schools, ranging from one to two weeks, with Al-Mustaqbal University underwriting all associated costs. Dates and schedules for these educational engagements will be announced shortly.

3. Kharazmi University has committed to developing comprehensive long-term online training programs aimed at enhancing the professional capabilities of Al-Mustaqbal University’s faculty and staff, fully funded by the Iraqi institution.

4. A high-level delegation from Al-Mustaqbal University is scheduled to visit Kharazmi University within the next two months, specifically in July, to further these collaborative efforts.

The meeting adjourned with expressions of optimism from Dr. Ghasemi, who anticipated that such collaborative frameworks would significantly enrich the academic and cultural bonds between Iran and Iraq.

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