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Kharazmi University Scholarships for Students Suspended or Expelled from American and European Universities

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In solidarity with students advocating for the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people and condemning the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza, Kharazmi University of Tehran announces scholarships. These scholarships are specifically for students who have recently been suspended or expelled from American and European universities due to their principled advocacy.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Students from American and European universities Affected by Advocacy:

  • If you have faced academic repercussions for standing up for rights of oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza, Kharazmi University stands with you.
Palestinian Students from Gaza:
  • Kharazmi University recognizes the challenges faced by Palestinian students residing in the oppressed Gaza territory.
  • We welcome scholarship applications from Palestinian students who seek to pursue higher education in Kharazmi University.
Yemeni Students Seeking Education:
  • Yemeni students aspiring to study in Iran are also eligible to apply for scholarships at Kharazmi University.

How to Apply:

Interested students are encouraged to submit their inquiries and scholarship applications through the university’s communication portal at
Kharazmi University remains committed to promoting science, fostering Iranian-Islamic culture, and supporting students who champion justice and education.
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