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Kharazmi University’s Mathematics Faculty Students Shine in National Competition

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Kharazmi University proudly announces that its Mathematics Faculty team clinched sixth place in the 46th National Student Mathematics Competition. The team, composed of some of the most gifted students from the faculty, was expertly guided by Dr. Nayereh Eliasi, a distinguished faculty member of the Mathematics and Computer Sciences Faculty. Their collective dedication and hard work have contributed another stellar achievement to Kharazmi University’s distinguished educational record.
The students who brought honor to Kharazmi University with their exceptional skills and dedication are:
• Gagik Anjargholi, who earned a silver medal, showcasing his exceptional talents.
• Amir Arsalan Badi Pa, Amir Mehdi Mohseni, and Ahad Alizadeh Aghbolaghi, each of whom was awarded a bronze medal for their outstanding performances.
• Mobin Amini, who was honored with a diploma of merit, demonstrating the significance of perseverance and commitment in achieving scientific objectives.

The International Relations Office of Kharazmi University extends its warmest congratulations to these remarkable students and the Mathematics Faculty. We are hopeful that their accomplishments will inspire peers from various disciplines to vigorously pursue their academic objectives and attain greater personal and institutional success.

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