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Kharazmi University Stands in Solidarity with Global Academic Protests Against Zionist Regime

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TEHRAN, IRAN — Kharazmi University has been the focal point of extensive assemblies in recent days, demonstrating support for the moral and humanitarian stance taken by American students, amid a global outcry over the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

On Sunday, April 28th, and Monday, April 29th, 2024, faculty, students, and staff gathered at the university’s Tehran and Alborz campuses. These protests, aligned with actions at universities across Iran, voiced a strong condemnation of the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza. The participants also denounced the suppression of spontaneous and justified protests by academics in America and European countries, where governments have long overlooked the violations committed by the so-called Israeli regim.

In the margins of these gatherings, which were attended by Dr. Ali HassanBeigi, the esteemed president of the university, Hojjat Al-eslam Agha Tehrani, the representative of the Supreme Leader at the university, Dr. Farrokhi, the vice chancellor and administrative and financial deputy of the university, Dr. Isaa Zarei, the head of Alborz Campus of university, International office managers of the university, and other executive officials, the representative of the Supreme Leader at the university delivered a speech. In this speech, he outlined the principles and ways of supporting the cause of Palestine and all those who believe in this ideal, which were established by Imam Khomeini, the pioneer and leader of this path of freedom-seeking and justice-fighting in the world. He clarified the hidden aspects of this global freedom movement. Following this, he expressed his solidarity with the demands of Western students and praised the courageous and justice-seeking actions carried out by university communities in Western countries, including American students, and announced Kharazmi University's full readiness to support this movement and the expelled students of American and European universities involved in this movement.

Furthermore, the university president shared that Kharazmi University is ready to extend scholarships to Palestinian students, the oppressed populace of Gaza, and Yemeni students desiring to pursue education in Iran. He expressed hope that these supportive measures would contribute significantly to advancing the ideals of justice and anti-oppression espoused by Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In a testament to its long history as the premier institute for higher education in Iran in attracting international students, Dr. HassanBeigi noted that Kharazmi University would soon activate a registration link for these students through its International Relations Office.

The gatherings concluded with the signing of a bilingual statement, expressing support for the uprising of professors and students in America and European countries, and condemning the crimes perpetrated by Israel in Gaza and Palestine. This statement underscores the global academic community's commitment to justice and human rights, rallying around the shared values of freedom and the fight against oppression. The statement reads: 

"In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, 
More than six months have passed since the onset of the new round of brutal crimes by the usurping Israeli regime and its allies against the oppressed people of Gaza. This unprecedented genocide in history occurs while Israel and its allies, by closing borders, have also deprived the besieged people of Gaza of even the smallest humanitarian aid. The free people of the world, anyone with a remnant of humanity in their being, regardless of religion, creed, race, or color, are distressed by the sorrowful images of the dead, the wounded, and the defenseless refugees of Gaza, and have cried out for justice against oppression. Now we, the students, professors, and academics of Iran, stand in solidarity with the students and professors of universities across America who have risen against these crimes and have been tortured and arrested by their government, and we say to them: we all stand together; we also declare to the tyrant governments of the world: what will remain in the future of history is for the oppressed and the peacemakers of the world; the injustice of the oppressor is weak, unstable, and destructible, God willing."
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