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Virtual meeting between Kharazmi University and  Mustansiriya University in Iraq

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On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, a virtual meeting convened between the managers of Kharazmi University's International Relations Office and their counterparts at Mustansiriya University, focusing on fostering collaboration across various domains. Mustansiriya University representatives invited Kharazmi University to participate in an upcoming academic conference, facilitating the exchange of scientific and research papers, with specific conference details to follow. Both parties discussed potential student and faculty exchanges, as well as the shared utilization of grants, laboratories, and other resources, agreeing to facilitate accommodation for visiting students and researchers. Kharazmi University pledged to share its experiences, particularly regarding Scopus-indexed journals, with Mustansiriya University, fostering collaboration in scholarly publications.

Dr. Azimi, Director of Kharazmi University's International Relations Office, led discussions on joint article publication between Iraqi and Iranian researchers, with Iraqi entities agreeing to cover associated expenses. Plans were made for comprehensive information exchange on university journals and their Scopus index status, along with exploration of joint research projects and scholarship opportunities for Kharazmi University students at Mustansiriya University. Mustansiriya University offered full scholarships to master's and doctoral students, including accommodation for female students, emphasizing the language of instruction, which can be in English or Arabic depending on the field of study.
Dr. Akbary highlighted readiness for hosting specialized workshops and emphasized the importance of Persian language education for Iraqi students intending to study at Kharazmi University, with the TPFL Center prepared to offer both online and in-person courses. Discussions also encompassed tourism programs and faculties, with plans to expedite collaborative initiatives, leveraging Kharazmi University's accreditation in tourism studies and Mustansiriya University's esteemed Tourism Faculty in Iraq. Both parties agreed to establish communication channels for collaborative tasks and activities, with a commitment to disseminate relevant information. Dr. Azimi provided an overview of the Open and Virtual Education Center's facilities and capabilities, proposing continued discussions in future online sessions with the center's management to explore collaborative opportunities further.
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